Dr. Grace E. Harris

A Message from Grace E. Harris

Welcome. I was deeply honored when, upon my retirement in 1999 from the position of provost and vice president for academic affairs, the VCU Board of Visitors established The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute in my name.

Much of my career has been dedicated to affecting positive change at VCU and beyond, to developing the potential in VCU faculty and staff. I am delighted that VCU has provided an institution committed to the continuation of this important mission.

The original goal of the Institute was to strengthen the leadership capacity among VCU faculty and staff. Building on the success of the annual University Leadership Program, we have expanded our efforts to include developing leadership in faculty and staff at other academic institutions, as well as in the local community. This website provides information on all of these initiatives, as well as applications and other resources for your participation.

Throughout my tenure at VCU and in my lifelong community service work, I have promoted the ideals of collaboration and inclusiveness. At The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute, we believe these are critical components of effective leadership in the 21st century and have included them in our Institute’s principles of exemplary leadership.

Our society has a deep need for visionary leaders who work in concert with others to get results, inspire people to grow and change, and transform organizations. Whether you are a program participant, university supporter or community partner, we look forward to working with you toward the realization of these goals.

Grace E. Harris