2013 Projects

Must Do @ VCU

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Must Do @ VCU is a set of annual collegial activities that can be performed throughout the year, by faculty, staff and students. These VCU-centered activities are considered to be the things that give VCU its identity. The goal of Must Do @ VCU is to generate a sense of community and of belonging to the University. VCU is a relatively new University and its traditions are therefore not  well-established. Must Do @ VCU aims to build on shared experiences as a method to establish VCU culture.


Intro and Must Do @ VCU Project Video


Katherine Beck, New Student Programs
Philip "Muzi"  Branch, Cultural Programs/Arts In Healthcare
Tom Diehl, Recreational Sports
Joyce Lloyd, Department of Human and Molecular Genetics
Claudia Mangum, Physical Plant
Yaoying Xu, School of Education


Pamela DiSalvo Lepley, University Relations

Quest for Distinction Theme

I.C “Engage students, the alumni of tomorrow, in high impact academic and extracurricular experiences that expand learning, promote civil discourse, and engage students in self reflection and creative expression.”