2006 Projects

VCU/Monroe Park Fall Festival: Celebrating the Heart of VCU

This project proposed the creation of a unifying comprehensive fall festival tradition for both VCU campuses. The proposal responds to the VCU2020 strategic plan by creating a festival designed to highlight VCU/community partnerships and promote “One VCU”. Theme V of the strategic plan emphasizes “maintain[ing] VCU as a model for university-community partnerships” and “develop[ing] collaborations between businesses, government agencies, [and] communities …” Ideas from this project have been implemented in the recent Monroe Park Festival which was a part of the 40th Anniversary celebration activities.

Project MERCI (Medical Emergency Response Care Initiative)

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This project proposed a program intended to foster a greater sense of community, shared responsibility, and mutual aid within Virginia Commonwealth University. The group members saw an opportunity to develop the expectation that students, faculty and staff will come to one another’s aid, and to provide the tools necessary to help ensure our mutual safety and health. The medical emergencies as an initial project were selected, focusing their research on the current status of CPR and first-aid training and the placement of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at VCU.

Internet Safety: Positioning VCU as a National Leader in Internet Safety

This project proposed the collaboration of advertising and marketing professionals and the School of Education to develop a curriculum on Internet safety. This proposal targeted audience was middle-school aged children and their parents; the end results being a public safety campaign for “Safe Surfing” to support the Curriculum.