2004 Projects

The Student-Centered University: A Survey of Peer Institutions

This Project conducted a survey of peer institutions regarding the “student centered” university concept. The team planned to produce a report for the Task Force for Building a Student-Centered University that will serve as a foundation for the initiative at VCU.

Making Connections through a Virtual Community

This project was a proposal for online connections between new students at VCU and the university community. The program is designed to be a source of information exchange about life in Richmond, university resources, and services available in the metropolitan area.

Promoting VCU Community Solutions

This project proposed a prototype video to support the launching of VCU Community Solutions, a major social sciences initiative to concentrate the vast array of social sciences resources on addressing community priorities. The video is to be used as a marketing tool both externally with the community and internally with faculty, staff, and students.

VCU Health Careers Pipeline

This project proposed the creation of the “VCU Health Careers Pipeline” will link and enhance existing outreach, academic, and mentoring programs on both campuses. The goal of the pipeline is to increase the number of disadvantaged students who successfully graduate with a VCU health care degree and obtain employment in the VCU Health System. Emphasis will be placed on collaborating with VCU program and community initiatives.