2016 Projects

SJ 6 Establishment of charter schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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Friday, November 18, 2016
3:00 - 3:45 p.m.
Omni Richmond Hotel
100 S. 12th Street
Richmond, VA 23219


Shermese Epps, Legal Assistant, Vince & Vince, LP
Edward Reed, Chief of Staff, Senate of Virginia: Senator Rosalyn Dance
Brenda Sampe, Family Services Supervisor, Chesterfield Colonial Heights Department of Social Services
Germika Pegram, Clinical Supervisor and Agency Clinician, Strategic Youth Services
Courtney Warren, Policy Analyst, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice

Virginia is facing significant challenges related to public education such as decreased funding for public education, decreased teacher salaries, and overcrowded classrooms. Senate Joint Resolution 6 was a bill proposed in 2016 that sought to grant the Board of Education authority, subject to criteria and conditions prescribed by the General Assembly, to establish charter schools within the school divisions of the Commonwealth. There are racial implications related to the creation and authorization of charter schools and this report details those impacts and creates a set of recommendations to eliminate racial implementations when determining who authorizes charter schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia.