Minority Political Leadership Institute Team Projects

Team Projects

Each year, Minority Political Leadership Institute program participants work on project teams to advance the understanding of issues facing underserved communities in Virginia. The team project experience facilitates experiential learning of politics in action to garner networks, contacts, and resources for effective information sharing, collaboration, and decision-making. The diverse nature of the teams provides excellent opportunities for learning new perspectives and networking across Virginia, which assists participants in identifying cutting-edge solutions that fit the community’s needs. Projects teams also provide a venue for applying new skills, developing creative strategies for solving problems, as well as a laboratory for working on diverse teams. Since 2012, Minority Political Leadership Institute program participants have worked on projects designed to examine the racial impact of proposed or passed legislation from the General Assembly. The purpose of this analysis is to examine how specific legislation promotes or reduces racial/ethnic disparities on minority communities within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Projects seek to answer the ways in which the policy: a) enhances racial disparities; b) reduces racial disparities; and/or c) will have racial/ethnic impact? Conducting legislative racial impact analysis is an important tool in examining the effects of public policy on minority communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

2016 MPLI Team Project Booklet