Minority Political Leadership Institute

Minority Political Leadership Institute

The Minority Political Leadership Institute is a collaborative initiative of The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus Foundation.

The Minority Political Leadership Institute (MPLI) is an intensive eight-month experience designed to promote leadership development for individuals interested in issues important to minority communities including: community economics, political climate, civic engagement, and equity. MPLI offers insights regarding leadership legacy and culture, personal leadership, policy and legislative processes, responsible stewardship, public service, and integrity for future leaders. Each program year, participants engage and interact with communities across Virginia and learn about unique strengths and issues facing different regions of the Commonwealth.

The 2018 program locations include: Richmond, Farmville, Lynchburg, Norfolk, and Washington, D.C.

Program Objectives

The Minority Political Leadership Institute is designed to:

  • Identify cutting-edge solutions to challenges affecting minority communities across the Commonwealth
  • Expand knowledge regarding the nature of public policy, legislative structures and political entities in Virginia
  • Assess and enhance current leadership skills in relationship to community needs, coalition building, conflict resolution, transformational leadership, cross-cultural competencies and creating a vision for progress
  • Use skills in consensus building, conflict management, critical thinking and ethics to become a more effective leader in political systems
  • Understand the significance and impact of traditional and new media in political life
  • Gain valuable insights in personal leadership style
  • Experience politics in action to garner networks, contacts and resources for effective information sharing, collaboration and decision-making
  • MPLI participants work in project teams to complete a equity impact analysis of legislation from the General Assembly to examine how specific legislation promotes or reduces disparities on minority communities within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Program Highlights

Participants expand their understanding of the nature of leadership, public policy and community change, and gain inspiration and practical guidance from seasoned leaders and professionals through a series of intensive sessions.

Featuring Virginia Legislative Black Caucus Foundation legislators, faculty from participating universities, and noted leaders and experts from community, state and national arenas, the Minority Political Leadership Institute explores the spectrum of leadership challenges and opportunities facing Virginia’s future.

Participants will:

  • Meet and directly interact with Virginia Legislative Black Caucus legislators, senior elected officials, appointed officials in the governor’s office, local officials and leaders across the Commonwealth
  • Experience politics in action and garner effective networks
  • Engage communities across Virginia in intensive and interactive program sessions
  • Develop a broad awareness of the roles and challenges — as well as the potential opportunities — for minorities and others to provide leadership for Virginia’s future
  • Expand your understanding of the nature of leadership, public policy processes and community change
  • Actively participate in public-service projects addressing a current need within a minority community
  • Gain applied knowledge from seasoned leaders and professionals