Alumni Spotlight: Delegate Lashrecse Aird

Posted 27 June 2018 by

Each week, The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute features program alumni and highlights their experiences and leadership.

Headshot of Delegate Aird

Meet Delegate Lashrecse Aird


What programs & institutes have you particiapted in?

The Minority Political Leadership Institute (MPLI) in 2010.

Where do you currently work?

Since 2016 I have represented the 63rd district in the Virginia House of Delegates.

What has been your favorite aspect of participating in our leadership programs?

Participating in MPLI provided exposure to the unique attributes of Virginia and the challenges each region in the commonwealth faces. 

Who motivates you to be the best leader you can be?

I have experienced the unrelenting gnaw that poverty has on the spirit, while trying to nurture an aching desire to create a better life. These feelings and these experiences are not safely stored away in the deep recesses of my mind, buttressed by the comfort of time. As a result I carry an overwhelming sense of responsibility to get this right and the be best I can for the folks experiencing these same challenges and experiences.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I once saved my two younger brothers from a house fire.

For something more upbeat - I am the youngest woman ever elected to the Virginia House of Delegates!